How Many Types of Innovation are there?

The simplest way to categorize innovation is into two types – incremental and radical.    Incremental innovation is an improvement in an existing thing (e.g. product, process or service).  Radical innovation is finding an entirely new way of doing something.  For...
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Corporate Innovation Impacts Customers in Four Ways

Rather than arbitrarily throw around the “innovation” word, understand how it impacts your customers, and be specific. Innovation comes in four flavors: product innovation, operational innovation, customer experience innovation, and business model innovation. Corporate innovation isn’t easy. Stefan Petzov, an...
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حوار مع هليل الحربي .. مؤسس مبادرة فكر بمشروعك

أطلق في عام 2013 مبادرة ” فكر بمشروعك ” لمساعدة الشباب في خطواتهم الأولى في عالم الأعمال ، مسخرًا خبراته وقدراته التي اكتسبها كمدرب وكاتب وخبير في مجال التسويق، ومدير تنفيذي لمجموعة أصداء التصميم لتقنية المعلومات ،والمشرف العام على موقع...
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6 Ways to Increase Efficiency and Focus

Business moves at supersonic speed. While technology has facilitated easier communication and information gathering, it has also ushered in a new economy in which the common worker can be more readily replaced by technological advancements than ever before. The option...
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