ENKO Running Shoe – Comfort and Power

14 Jan

Enko is a new type of running shoes, based on a unique and revolutionary technology.

Extreme shock absorption

Maximum energy

Enko is a new type of running shoes, based on a unique and revolutionary technology. It is a new running experience that gives you more running power and better comfort.

This ground-breaking shoe is keeping all the energy in your step, while bringing you forward.

When your foot hits the ground, with a classic shoe, the energy is dispersed and completely lost. The Enko running shoes returns this energy with every stride.

It is a perfect running shoe that adapts to the weight of the rider, designed to prevent injuries and provide total comfort. It is the brainchild of a passionate runner Christian Freschi. His knowledge in metal engineering (profession) and a dozens of prototypes during 12 years of research, made it all possible.


Why buy this running shoe?

  • To protect your health with its exceptional shock absorption
  • It’s the only one on the market that adjusts to the weight of the user
  • It optimises the stride, reduces fatigue and lets you run effortlessly for longer
  • It adapts to all running styles
  • Quite simply, it gives running pleasure

Your joints will thank you


Enko gives you unique shock absorption that no other shoe can.

Impacts are deadened, your stride is smooth and the sensation is like never before.

To optimise this revolutionary system of shock absorption, your shoe is delivered to you with shock absorbers that are adapted to your weight, guaranteeing you record-beating comfort that is far superior to that of any other shoe.

Your joints will thank you.

Maximum energy


Enko is a revolutionary running shoe which, with its two shock absorbers, conserves all the energy stored in each stride. With a normal shoe, when your foot touches the ground, the energy is dissipated and completely lost.

By contrast, Enko stores up the energy and gives it back when you lift your heel off the ground again.

Your run becomes extremely efficient.