QuietOn – Active Noise Cancelling Earplugs

20 Jan

QuietOn earplugs reduce noise to create silence. No wires, comfortable to use and easy to carry.

QuietOn is an earplug that combines active noise cancellation and acoustic noise attenuation to create silence. The earplugs have no wires and are small enough to fit in your ears, enabling you to comfortably sleep with your head on a pillow. The noise cancellation is optimized to reduce noises that affect sleep, such as noise coming through walls and snoring.




QuietOn earplugs provide noise reduction on the same level as the best on-ear noise cancelling headphones, yet they have no wires and are so small they fit in your ear. QuietOn enables top class noise cancellation performance with up to 50 hours battery life on a single charge.




Extensive research and modeling have resulted in an optimal design that ensures the earplugs fit perfectly in your ear. The earplugs are small enough to enable sleeping with your head on a pillow.


Easy to use


No buttons – the earplugs switch on automatically when removed from the charging and carrying case. The case fits easily in a pocket or bag, so you can carry it with you wherever you go.



Benefits of QuietOn

According to many scientific surveys, being exposed to continuous noise results in significantly raised stress levels. Noise that affects sleep, for example from a snoring partner, can reduce sleep quality and hence affect health and daily performance. While traveling, noise can have an enormous effect on mood and concentration. Business travellers typically need to perform at their best straight from the flight, so being fully relaxed is critical.

The active noise cancellation of QuietOn is especially focused to reduce low frequency ‘bass’ noise, that is not attenuated by passive earplugs.

Example situations where QuietOn earplugs can be used:

  • Sleeping in an environment where noise is coming through the wall from a neighboring room, or from a snoring partner.
  • Traveling by airplane, bus, boat or train
  • Working in an open office
  • Replace uncomfortable hearing protection devices
  • Working in stressful and continuously noisy surroundings such as airline staff, working in boats, and factories
  • By children and students suffering from concentration problems
  • When you need to focus on a particular task, and avoid distractions
  • When you want time to relax